Feature-based Interactive Configuration

SPLOT supports the notion of feature-based interactive configuration in which users make configuration decisions over a feature model (e.g select/deselect a feature) and the configuration engine automatically propagates those decisions to enforce their consistency. This results in a backtrack-free configuration process benefiting users that are never forced to review past decisions (unless they wish to do so intentionally). SPLOT uses a SAT Solver to support interactive configuration operations such as configuring, reseting, undoing, toggling, and auto-completing.

Click to use the Interactive Configuration feature now to configure a feature model interactively.

Feature-based Product Catalog Search (New!)

In addition to interactive configuration, SPLOT supports Feature-based Product Catalog Search, i.e., the search of products in real product catalogs based on feature model decisions. That is, by selecting/deselecting features in a feature model users are able to filter products in the catalog such that only the products that match the users' current feature configuration are shown. Users are always guaranteed to find at least one product in the catalog that matches their configuration. SPLOT uses a Binary Decision Diagram engine to implement the product catalog search feature.

Click to search on TREK's Bikes Catalog
(549 features, 376 products)
Click to search on DELL's Laptops Catalog
(102 features, 33 products)
(It might take up to a few minutes to load the entire product catalog).